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Founded by Musicians Institute Alumni in January 1992, Wilkes Booth has dazzled crowds and radio stations from coast to coast for over 25 years now. Original member Daves Wilkes Booth is truly a legend, performing alongside world renowned classic metal bands, he delivers his own original music from the genre, as well as his colleague's covers from AC/DC to Zebra, culminating to what equates as a star-studded mind-blowing rock performance second to none. Although the lineup has changed from time to time, the message remains the same: have a good time all the time!

The band's four original albums can be found on YouTube, as well as official and unofficial video, and have been getting listens and views throughout the world. The band currently resides in upstate New York, they have several homes and own its own three-story building with a full service nightclub on the first floor. Recent appearances have been few and far between as they have been enjoying the fruits of their labor. If the right venue or event present themselves, then the band brings its legendary and spectacular production and delivers, leaving nothing to be desired. Meanwhile, the band's music has been affiliated with a performing rights organization- a connection to hundreds of royalty collection societies around the world- to ensure payment of owed publishing royalties.

A genuine rock act still surviving from the hair metal days, their longevity solidifies their position in the annals of legendary superstardom of bands from back in the day. Having worked with the industry's top promoters and producers such as Lonn Friend and Tyson Steele, Wilkes Booth has been on the tip of the tongue of rock music's biggest names for some time now.

Although superstardom has eluded them, their success in carving out their niche in the business has already been fulfilled. Any unique opportunity allows the fan not only full satisfaction from a bonafide legendary sunset strip top performer, but a significant and relevent spectacle, complete with entourage, road crew, trucking, lights and sound, the closest possible thing to the real deal: performers from the likes of Kiss, Guns and Roses, the Beatles, the Doors or Metallica. The buck stops here, friends.

As one of the longest running hard rock/heavy metal bands in the Rochester area, Wilkes Booth can trace its origins back to 1994, when founding member and guitarist Dave Wilkes Booth returned after a 7 year stint playing the prestigious sunset strip in Hollywood, California.

Wilkes Booth's first album proved to be a high energy effort with a band consisting of vocalist Bobby "Rocker" Fredericks, bassist Jason Carter, and drummer Mike "Oxbig" Fittos. This lineup played live extensively and subsequently recorded their debut cd Blows U Away in 1996, which has since sold internationally as well as received airplay throughout the world on terrestrial and Internet radio.

Wilkes Booth have been unrelenting in their passion for a classic hard rock sound. They have ignored trends in favor of playing fiery covers from such artists as Aerosmith, Black Sabbath and Metallica to Motley Crue, Poison and Van Halen to name a few. The Wilkes Booth original material is written and played in the same passionate vein as well.

The second cd release from Wilkes Booth entitled

One Night Stand came out in the spring of 2003. Carter was replaced by Kevin Rappenecker on bass, and the same extensive live playing ensued with this album, creating an enormous fan base and furthering the development of this website and numerous related links and connections. As with the first album, One Night Stand has seen its share of international sales and exposure.

Wilkes Booth is truly one of the last over-the-top dirty rock and roll bands from back in the day. Respect the Rock was released

Summer 2013, and was the first of all three releases to premiere on Youtube, so the world has been reacting

favorably on this latest masterpiece.

January 2018: Bid You Farewell was released, in many formats, and the physical product has become a collectors item as it is complicated to obtain. After 22 years, Fredericks had left the band to pursue a solo career, Dave Wilkes Booth had developed health issues, and the future of the band was in question. During the recording, the band needed a singer and settled with an old friend of the band, Dee St. James. St. James was instrumental in the writing of the album, ironically never to live to see the final product. St. James passed away under suspicious circumstances that was determined to be ‘better left unsolved’ according to authorities. Singer Todd Cragle joined the band towards the album release, and Wilkes Booth is on tour.

                                         Wilkes Booth is currently writing and recording for their fifth studio album due out later this year. The first single off this album is already available. New Beginning starts off the cd and the rest will be rock and roll history.

The Wilkes Booth train keeps on a rollin'!

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